honeyandsmoke said: I know you probably get a million questions like this and I'm sorry for the silly query I'm such a hair novice - but my hair is at the moment a mixture of a dark chocolate brown with a red tint, and blonde highlights, starting to grow out my natural mouse-brown at the top. What will happen to it if I put a dark ash brown all over it? Will the blonde highlights come out noticeably lighter, or the chocolate deepen to black?

ya never know, unless ya try. its always fixable if you don’t like it.

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jadexmx said: Do you have any images of choppy short-ish bangs?

look in short bangs

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timevel0city said: I was wondering if you had a section with curly bangs

noo, try the curly section

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Anonymous said: I need help!! My forehead is 4 fingers in length, would it look bad if I get straight across bangs?? My face is a little round, but not too bad

it would look cute , go for it (:

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