Hirari Ikeda

I found this windbreaker at goodwill yay

Anonymous said: hey, i love your blog and i thought i'd ask here becasue you always have advice! so I have long dirty blondish hair and I'm thinking about trying a semipermanent kind of ariana grande red just over the summer. I'm just kinda worried about getting it out because I don't want to color my hair any more after... Would it fade really gross? and also would it be completely back to my natural hair afterward? thanks so much!

If you don’t bleach your hair ( which you have no need to) than you’ll be fine. Red hair fades pretty quickly and should go back to your natural color just fine. Most red dyes are semi/demi permanent so they will only last for about two weeks.  

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false-realityy said: Can you post some pics of teal ha

look in our blue section (: 

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lovely-landfill said: Could you post some pictures of a bob that's shorter in the back getting longer you know? Thanks :)

look in our asymmetrical section (: 

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pornhvb said: Okay, so I was wondering about dying my hair. It's short but I had a issue in the past where I had blonde hair and after a few months I decided to relax my hair. When I was in the shower all the blonde fell out. I don't relax my hair anymore but do you think I should dye my hair again or should I just stay away from dying forever?

well, there’s no need to stay away from dying forever! you just need to make sure your hair is really healthy first! also, after dying it, try not to damage it too much. If you have to bleach it again, go to a professional instead of doing it yourself, because they should make sure that your hair will remain healthy and not fall out.

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onlyneedthelightwhenitburnslow said: Hey I need some help! I went from having light brunette hair to dying it light auburn. I asked the girls at Sally's if I needed to lighten it first and they said no. But it didn't turn out light auburn, it turned out a deep red. What should I do to get it to the light gingery color I want?

try dying it with a lighter auburn color if you can find it, if not there are ways to naturally lighten your hair without bleaching it. it could also be the brand of dye you are using? 

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